What does digitization 4.0 mean for SMEs?

The world, the markets, businesses and services are changing more and more rapidly. We are increasingly exposed to new changes that we need to respond to. But with the changes it is like an iceberg – we only see the top. It is all the more important to understand digitization 4.0. and to use yourself.

In our article “Digitization 4.0 – Ready for the seemingly impossible?”, Which appeared in the current edition of the HERO MAGAZINEs of the personal branding agency, we talk about the possibilities of digitalization 4.0 and how medium-sized companies prepare for it and can use their advantage.

The medium sized must rethink.

The sooner, the better. Because digitization 4.0 has not yet fully entered our lives, it will probably take a few more years until smart robotics is an integral part of it, but it’s already started.

Medium-sized 4.0

For medium-sized companies, it is important to make the interests of their customers the focus of their own actions. In terms of digitization 4.0, this means gathering as much information as possible with »sensors« and »datability« in order to improve the benefits for the customer. Because the future will only belong to those who can offer the customer a service from which he expects advantages – qualitative, temporal or monetary value.

In order to get there, medium-sized businesses need to be able to predict patterns of customer behaviour and provide the appropriate services accordingly. Read the full article in the new HERO MAGAZINE.

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