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Mediation: Focused in Clarifying the conflict

Where people work together, conflicts are their business to be transacted. Conflicts in the workplace are part of the daily work routine. Often, the people involved manage to resolve their conflict with each other. It becomes difficult when conflicts subtly smoulder over long periods of time, are not discussed and the fronts of the conflict parties harden. Collaboration is then no longer possible and only the intervention of a neutral third person – a mediator – can then help.

Mediation Clarifies

We at CASE Consulting Services mediate with the quarrelling people and clarify the conflict. It may be necessary to hold one-to-one interviews with those affected so that everyone has the opportunity to present their view of things without being influenced by the other party. We act as a mediator, who then mediates between those affected and allows them to find solutions.


You would like to prevent conflicts in your company? Here we carry out appropriate training measures.