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Coaching: holistic approach - 100 percent accompaniment

In the course of our consulting work – and while we act as your partner, mentor and problem solver – sometimes situations or moments arise in which it is clear that coaching can bring the process forward. With the help of our complementary counselling we are able to offer coaching for individual persons. With the help of a coach blind spots as well as resources can be uncovered and ways to the desired goal can be found.

Coaches for the medium sized

Which coach is right for your request? We recognize this as your consultant and medium sized professionals in the appropriate situation. Rely on us to find the right coach for you. With the help of coaching, you will succeed in bringing your project forward.

Owner coaching

It’s about your money, your employees and your future. It goes without saying that in owner-coaching we approach your topic exclusively with this basic idea. Use this absolutely value-free and open space to speak at same level with someone who understands your situation.

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Management Coaching

You have responsibility – and this is equally in two directions: once towards your employees and once towards the company owner or management. This so-called sandwich position places high expectations on your role – just as you have high expectations of yourself. Our management coaching is specifically designed for managers who are exposed to this daily pressure.

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