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Target Agreements

To increase the productivity of your company, goal-setting is a possibility of motivation. Therefore, goals should never be set too high or too low in order to fully exploit the potential of the employees. CASE Consulting Services advise companies, so that employees and employers work out optimal target agreements.

For a positive personnel development

In the consultation, we conduct employee surveys and work out compensation systems that are individually tailored to your workforce. In addition, you will have entrepreneurial tools at hand to incorporate these soft factors of the company into your corporate governance.

Main questions:

  • How should target agreements be designed?
  • How do we measure a goal?
  • Are there any examples of target agreements?

We assist you in setting goal agreements for fixed-size goals – such as revenue goals, contribution margin goals, etc. – as well as soft sizes – e.g. Leadership quality, social skills, customer-oriented behaviour, etc.

What expectations do you have with your planned target agreements?

Target agreements – with the medium-sized-professionals you succeed.