Skill shortage? Does not have to be

The Middle sized professionals at Schirm&Collegen explain how to find qualified employees

Skills shortage is a common problem in SMEs. Many companies complain that they cannot find suitable employees. The lack of skilled workers can also be the result of a completely different problem: “We are increasingly observing the lack of requirement profiles. Many companies do not exactly define what or who they are missing, “says Christof Schirm, Managing Partner of the consulting firm CASE Consulting Services Unternehmer-Kontor”.Sometimes, due to the size of the company, there may not be a real human resources office that could take on this task,” says Schirm from experience. Together with his partners RetoLedermann, Andreas Ostermai and Robert Wenner, he has specialized in medium-sized companies.

The problem, not finding qualified employees, according to the experts, earlier, even before the requirement profile. “Many make the fatal mistake of neglecting existing employees. However, assessing one’s own staff can greatly support the search for skilled workers, “agrees Robert Wenner. That’s the only way to find out who else is needed in the team.

“We also keep hearing that many companies do not do enough for their own people. There are too few or no employee appraisals or there are no offers for personal development and qualification “, adds RetoLedermann. However, the company must point out a perspective: “If you are looking for skilled workers, you must emphasize not only attractive remuneration, but also that there are various further training measures for the employees.”

This also includes defining competences so that the respective employee knows exactly how far his decision and action latitude is. “This creates room for creativity and activity in the first place,” explains Andreas Ostermai. According to him(this is correct) the identification with the company is an important factor: “The search for skilled workers can be facilitated if the employees identify with the company. They act as an ambassador of the company and improve its visibility. “

If at some point one or more suitable specialists are found, it is beneficial to define a partner for the start-up in the company, who serves the new employee as a guide and interpersonal contact person, is the final advice of Christof Schirm.