CASE Consulting Services – the Medium-sized-Professionals

Partner, Mentor and Problem solver for medium-sized companies looking for complementary advice on equal terms

To achieve your own goals, there are different ways for companies. “The path to the goal, to success, is always an individual path”, also knows Christof Schirm, owner of the consulting firm CASE Consulting Services , headquartered in Berlin, who manages the company with his partners RetoLedermann, Andreas Ostermai and Robert Wenner. The four experts for medium-sized companies and smaller manufacturing companies see themselves as partners, mentors and problem solvers in strategic challenges.

“We meet our customers at eye level and allow them a value-free exchange. Only in this way can we succeed in strengthening them for challenges, “says Christof Schirm. The consulting firm CASE Consulting Services has a generalist approach and covers the areas of planning and controlling, corporate management, marketing and sales as well as corporate development and organization. Market, customer and assortment analysis are used to determine what the “actual situation” is for companies, and then develop a strategy and plan in which CASE Consulting Services also accompany each other.

RetoLedermann emphasizes the aspect of complementary counselling: “If we discover a deficit in a specific area during the consultation, our clients can also receive coaching and training to correct this deficit.” This means that CASE Consulting Services also supply the same the solutions with. And Andreas Ostermai adds: “Customers do not have several consultants, but only one – their – contact person. Trust is very important for us. “

In concrete terms, CASE Consulting Services approach means uncovering weaknesses and defining potential for improvement and optimization. At the same time, the consultants always keep an eye on the matching with the customer: “Of course, consultation and solution strategies must be tailored to the respective client, to the respective company,” says Robert Wenner.

Her clients also help CASE Consulting Services communicate with their customers and make them aware of the interests and needs of their customers: “Many companies are very much caught up in their own structures and have a different view of the market and their customers “, Concludes Christof Schirm.

CASE Consulting Services have been successfully operating in Germany and Austria for 25 years and customers value their many years of experience in small and medium-sized companies as well as absolute cost and performance transparency.

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