CASE Consulting Services secure investment

The medium-sized professionals know what to do if company owners want to profitably invest the capital

Investments are a sensitive issue – and although CASE Consulting Services are not a financial service provider, they still want to show their clients the ways to invest. “In conversations with our customers, the question often arises, what should I do with my capital?” Says Andreas Ostermai, who manages the consulting firm CASE Consulting Services together with his partners Christof Schirm, RetoLedermann and Robert Wenner.

Who does not want to know that his money is being handled with care and safety? Most likely nobody. The first step in the capital creation process is to familiarize and deal with common investments. In addition, information about the topic, tips from acquaintances, recommendations from friends or advice from experts are obtained. CASE Consulting Services have evaluated their potential investments as follows: “Investing capital in precious metals such as gold & co appears rather risky, because the value of these commodities is characterized by fluctuations. If you want to invest your money in real estate, you need to take a calculated risk; you also need the right tenant, “explains Ostermai. In addition, the investment in company investments is a good strategy, but requires knowledge of the market.

Another point on the list of possible investments represents the own company at CASE Consulting Services. “Although the own enterprise holds a certain risk, however leaves the power of ultimate decision with the entrepreneur. Investing in precious metals, real estate and others will only have indirect influence. Decisions made by others cannot always be the best and match with the businessman’s sense, “Ostermai continues. The more profitable businessmen are in their business, the more they have for investing in their own business. Where does a businessman invest his own capital in his own company?

“There is no solution which always suits to every business owner. Everyone has their personal references. Are you particularly willing to take risks and aim for a high return? Then you need a different investment solution than someone who relies on security. We support businessmen and provide individual advice so that everyone can invest capital profitably according to their own ideas and capacities, “concludes Ostermai.