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Nothing is more harmful than distributors’ unmotivated approach towards their task. Classic solutions such as community trips, motivation weeks or even competitions are only of short effect on the motivation. With CASE Consulting Services as problem solver you get established and functioning strategies for sales motivation.

Get to know motivators of the people

What motivates one leaves the other cold. As individual as the distributors in your company are, so must the motivators that you make available to them. While one can be driven by profit sharing, the other needs recognition and validation.

Main questions:

  • How do I recognize the motivators of my distributors / sellers?
  • Which incentive systems are there and how do I deal with them?
  • What is the experience for sales motivation?
  • Are there any examples of sales motivation?

Let’s take a close look at your sales team and explain how we can motivate your sales team. We will revamp your sales team.

Sales Motivation- with the medium-sized-professionals you succeed.