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Renovation/Crisis Advice

Nobody is safe from a crisis and first warning signs are often overlooked. If a renovation is then no longer averted, good crisis advice and corporate planning are required. Here at CASE Consulting Services we are the problem solver and partner for companies that are in need of reorganization.

Refurbishment and crisis counselling – with the medium-sized-professionals you succeed.

To take countermeasures in time

We are carrying out restructuring measures under the ESUG – a law to facilitate the restructuring of companies. In doing so, we support your company management in order to avoid rule and plan insolvencies and in this context create continuation plans. It is important to us to ensure liquidity, for which we coordinate with financial institutions or through our own participation. In this way costs can be reduced at short notice and contribution margins increased.

Main questions:

  • We are in crisis – what can we do?
  • Who knows about corporate crises and corporate restructuring?
  • A renovation is imminent – how do we get through this?
  • Do employees have to be dismissed by a restructuring?