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Among the employee incentives, profit sharing is one of the most effective motivators to do everything possible for “his” employer. In Germany, profit sharing is the most common type of employee share ownership. If you want to introduce this into your company, we are the right partner for you as a medium-sized business.

Make the situation aware

Anyone who has neither the knowledge, nor the understanding or direct influence on the success of his employer as an employee, will not provide the performance that he could actually. Profit sharing makes employees aware of the earnings situation of their company and creates a lucrative incentive to work for the success of their company.

Main questions:

  • How do we define success?
  • How do we measure success – and in which time frame?
  • How much should be earmarked for distribution?
  • What criteria do we use for participation?
  • How do we measure these?
  • What examples, benefits, risks and experiences of profit sharing exist?

We advise you in the planning and implementation of target agreements and work out with you target agreement systems customized to your workforce. In addition, you will have entrepreneurial tools at hand to incorporate these soft factors of the company into your corporate governance.

Profit sharing – with the medium-sized-professionals you succeed.