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Planning and control

Every year comes with new tasks and opportunities. Suppliers change, new customers are added, and more competitors are entering the market. A well thought-out planning and control is therefore essential – and at the same time not losing sight of the goal, can be quite challenging.

We support you with our many years of experience in this task and ensure the future success of your company in a short time.

Main questions:

  • What does Controlling mean and what does it include?
  • What needs to be planned and how?
  • How a planning is documented?
  • How do we recognize the most important parameters?
  • How do I manage with key figures?
  • How do we define thresholds?
  • Do we play through scenarios – or not?

Already in the analysis, we draw up an action plan with you, which realistically portray a successful implementation. In consulting, we support you in the timely and targeted realization of short, medium and long-term measures.

Leave nothing on chance in your corporate planning and control. Planning and control – with the medium sized professionals you succeed.