Owner Coaching

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You set the timeframe

You do not want to tie yourself? Nothing is set in the stone. You decide when you no longer need our owner coaching. The time will come when you realize “it’s working”. A moment of success. And you are strong enough to face what is coming.

Owner coaching: exchange and reflection at eye level

What concerns you as the owner of your company and what you currently have to deal with is, for many, not understandable. Honest feedback or even an open exchange is virtually impossible. It’s about your money, your people, your future and your company. Owner coaching offers you the opportunity to speak absolutely impartialand openly about everything you are currently dealing with.

Experienced coaches for the management

With us you will have a partner who meets you at eye level. Which thoughts are troubling in your mind? What is in future and is a big challenge for you? What does not make you sleep at night? In order to be able to run your business according to your ideas – and not to “burn yourself out” – the exchange with a neutral third person is unalterable.

Effectively lead

Our consultants will introduce you to a range of ways to save time and effectively delegate. As part of our owner coaching we make you fit in all management-specific concerns of your company, which are necessary to be able to return to the essential tasks.