I have to take care of every crap myself…

Do you know the feeling of having the impression of taking care of every crap? And all the stuff steals your time? The reasons for this can be manifold. And it’s worth to take a closer look

Things are not running smoothly, there is always trouble and again something has been forgotten. And just because you relied on others. So better do it yourself? Bosses are often in a predicament: how much can I delegate, what should I do myself? Somewhere something pops up again, which you should have better taken in your own hand. You have it now. But what exactly is it that gives you this impression? Possible causes are:

  • Procedures and processes do not work properly
  • Bad communication between each other
  • Inappropriate internal structures
  • Frictional losses
  • Qualification of employees
  • Lack of motivation of the employees
  • Problems will be »high delegated« – and this is allowed
  • Own time management

One thing is for sure: anyone who does not take the time to get to the root cause of the problem will continue to be driven, make wrong decisions, and push problems around. That this is not conducive to corporate governance must not be mentioned here.

The urgency suppresses the importance
You are in a position where things literally collapse on you every day that are unpredictable. These “eat” your time as well as your quality of life. It is important here to have structures in which you can move.

A visit to the doctor can be used very nicely as an analogy: If you are not feeling well and you have pain, you go to your family doctor. Would this now only look for the symptoms that would mean you get painkillers? How does that feel to you? Do you feel well treated, looked after and nicely advised? For example, if the cause is a displaced cervical vertebra, your daily stress is a headache, or you may have an inflammation in the jaw? Do you prefer to continue to take painkillers or better you will take out some time and consult a specialist who can fix the true cause? It is beyond question that how to improve the situation in the long term.

If time was not the topic…
If a farmer is standing in the field to cut off the fruit with his scythe. If a hiker comes by and says, “Hey Bauer, if you would sharpen your scythe, it would be faster and easier”. The farmer answers, “Yes, I know. But I do not have the time to do that, because I have to scorch, otherwise I will not be able to do my job. “

Time is the biggest problem, because of that you do not want to get to the bottom of the problem. What we keep observing is that, unfortunately, an entrepreneur is not ready to take out time and change something unless the water reaches till his nose. The pain has to be very big.

Do you ever want to think about your situation on an equal level with someone who is not trapped in the “corporate mill”? Unfortunately, there is no grid in which every company fits. What worked well for one does not necessarily fit with another. Because you as a boss are just as individual as your employees. And not to be ignored are also the market, competition, partners, etc. A perspective from the outside usually brings a very different view of the situation.

Yes, sure… being self-critical is not pleasant. Nobody likes to question that, which may have worked wonderfully for years.

You feel capable of acting and only extinguish one fire after the other? How do you experience that? What bothers you? What do you wish? Blog with us!