I cannot find any employees

Skills shortage is a term that can be heard from everywhere. It is indeed very difficult to get suitable professionals – but at the same time there is another question in the room: who am I looking for?

We are increasingly seeing the absence of requirement profiles. Depending on the size of the company, there may not even be a human resources office that takes care of such tasks. What helps the search for skilled workers is to evaluate their own employees to see who else is needed in the team. On the one hand is complains of not finding new employees, on the other hand, the employees in the company are tackled by the competition. And here money is not just a topic, but also the possibility of your own future.

The fatal: existing employees are neglected

We observe that many companies do not do enough for their own people. There are too few or no employee appraisals, there are no requirement profiles and no internal or external offers for personal development or qualification. If employees leave the company within half a year because they earn more elsewhere and have other options for personal growth, that’s not surprising.

One solution: to offer additional training

So if you are looking for skilled workers, you must emphasize a little in addition to an attractive salary that there are also further training measures for the employees. Internally as well as externally. The company needs to present a perspective on what opportunities the new employee has in the company. This also includes defining competences so that the person knows exactly how far his field of action and his decision-making reach or go. In this way, the framework for activities is set directly, which enables creativity and brainstorming in the first place. Nothing hinders an employee if he is restricted by too much dictatorship and control in his sphere of influence, or if he is “neglected” by too lax leadership.

Of course, this does not apply to activities that require absolute precision and tight specifications to meet the requirements.

Create strong identification

Where employees identify strongly with the company, finding and recruiting new people will also be easier. They act as ambassadors for the company. And no one is better able to represent the company than employees who do their job well and are happy. Because that radiates as a company both internally and externally.

The fit does it

If someone is looking for skilled workers, it is not just about the qualification. A requirement profile is one thing. What is often misunderstood is the importance of the fit. An employee who cares about environmental awareness will not be happy in a company that needs to dispose of waste products that are harmful to the environment. Unless he or she has a decision-making job. In turn, there is a great opportunity to actively participate in processes and developments.

Partner for Integration

Most new employees are put in their place or put, get a brief briefing and are then very quickly left to themselves. You can do better: Define a partner who will do the integration. This not only serves as a guide in technical terms, but is also an interpersonal contact person and possibly an intermediary for the first contacts with colleagues. A solid caregiver makes integration much easier – and in addition to steadily growing safety, there is also a new employee who feels comfortable in his new job. And you have won another ambassador again.

How to create identification with the company – and turn your company into a specialist:

Imagine yourself as an attractive company that cares about the further development of its employees.

Also think about the further education and qualification of your current employees – so you achieve a higher identification with your company.

Conduct regular employee appraisals and show that your people are important to you.

Define a partner for the induction of a new employee.