Market analysis, customer analysis, assortment analysis - from all these areas there is information that provides you with important data for your marketing and sales. We at Schirm & Collegen are your mentor and partner in collecting data from your analysis.

Recognize and understand the actual situation

Based on the analysis of our analysis, you will receive processed and evaluated figures on your current situation with regard to the market, customers and your current offer. They recognize where action is needed, where it can and must be optimized - but also what is already going well and can be further developed.

Main questions:

  • How do we currently stand in the market?
  • Does the market need our offer?
  • What do we have to do to further expand our market position?
  • What does the customer want - and can we handle it?
  • How do we get closer to the customer?
  • Where can we find optimization potential for our assortment / offer?

Concept development

A successfully practiced sales and marketing concept is always anembodiment for your company. The foundation for this is the definition of your markets and customers as well as the analysis of your competitors. Derived from this result sales and marketing concepts ensure successful implementation.

Based on our analysis, you will recognize the starting points for your marketing and sales and work with us to work out the next steps towards your goal.

Analysis for Marketing & Sales - with the Medium sized professionals you succeed.