If we had to award points, Schirm & Collegen for the delivery of the consulting content, the methodological implementation, the implementation of the action plan as well as for the comprehensibility of the documents each receive the full score. Our expectations were all fulfilled to the best satisfaction.

- Robert Sperl, GfG SPERL Werkzeugtechnik GmbH

The previous expectations were fully met. The previous analysis was already very good, for the work done now * * "very good"!

- Andreas Galle, Geschäftsführung, Galvanik-Horstmann GmbH

Schirm & Collegen score with a lot of experience. They have a very good sense for people and their concerns, the conversation was really pleasant and the approach was very clear. We are happy to recommend Schirm  & Collegen continue.

- Jürgen Krausgruber, Geschäftsführung, ebets GmbH, Österreich

Through this analysis, I realized how important the appreciation of the employees is. We are ready to change something.

- Monika Piotrowski, Geschäftsführung, Lenzkes Spanntechnik GmbH

The two analysis days were well invested. The analysis went far beyond my expectations.

- Thomas Muschalek, Geschäftsführung, Rublic + Canzler GmbH

Competent, honest, interested, attentive, persistent, motivated, supportive, demanding. Our expectations were met.

- Annett Haase, Rublic + Canzler GmbH

The cooperation was characterized by great intensity. Schirm & Collegen have a strong sense of their counterpart and use it to gain deep insights into the company and their employees. Her analysis was accurate and accurate. Many Thanks!

- Olaf Heitkamp, Geschäftsführung, Kreisbaugesellschaft des Kreises Verden mbH

Schirm & Collegen did a very understandable analysis of the company's internal problems and made us aware of important open construction sites regarding our processes and structures. The findings of the analysis will greatly assist us in our future decisions.

- Maria Gesang / Florian Herbst, Geschäftsführung, K. Ley GmbH & Co. KG

Schirm & Collegen have a very good observation and are very fair. We are very satisfied.

- Maximilian Illert, Geschäftsführung, Illert GmbH & Co. KG

Schirm & Collegen have highlighted the company's fundamental strengths and weaknesses with a high degree of analytical skills.

- Daniel Zuleger, Geschäftsführung, Autohaus Seydel GmbH & Co. KG

Very experienced appearance and approach with many years of experience and personal adaptability as well as a pronounced goal orientation with trustworthy cooperation.

- K.-H. Lohse, Geschäftsführung, Brendel Ingenieure Dresden GmbH