Company Analysis

By Schirm & Collegen

Is a tool to find out: How is it about your business?

With this online questionnaire for 135.00 Euro you get an overview of how current your company is and where you should optimize yourself. They immediately recognize where the starting points for change lie and where there is a need for action. By analyzing this analysis, clear approaches to change become visible - and you'll see how you can empower your business for the future. Do not let your company become a plaything for others!

Finally know where to start!

With this simple and fast online test, you can identify the deficits in your company at a glance.

Approaches to optimization are immediately visible!

Using the graphical representation, you can see directly where you should start and where you are already well positioned.

The result is directly available!

By e-mail, you will receive your clear evaluation immediately after completing the questions.

Only 48 questions for more certainty!

In just a few minutes, you know the basics about your business.

Answer 48 questions simply and intuitively with the slider.

  • Do you already have any idea where the deficits are in your company?
  • Does the current state fit your previous feeling?
  • Where you are already well positioned, where is there an urgent need for action?

Four subject areas give you an overview.

  • What are the structures within your company?
  • What do you learn about yourself as an entrepreneur?
  • How mature are your in-house processes?
  • What influence do external processes have?

The deficits at a glance.

  • Are you aware of where to start urgently?
  • Do you recognize your current construction sites?
  • What may like to continue as before?

Find your company construction sites!

With the right strategy you can make your company strong for the challenges of the future.

Designed by Schirm & Collegen - the medium sized professionals

Schirm & Collegen advice and support medium-sized companies as mentors and partners, coach and train on demand and are professional partners in strategic challenges. They also act as interim managers and have many years of experience in succession planning. Using diagnostics and inventory analysis, Schirm &  Collegen help to understand the 'actual situation' and to expose weak points. In addition, they accompany their customers in finding out how they can further expand their marketing concept and strengthen their market position. The consulting firm specializes in small and medium-sized businesses and says itself: "We give full consulting service with 100 percent earnings!"