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Emergency regulation/Interim management

An entrepreneur becomes ill, has an accident, fails. The company has to continue anyway. If you do not always want to carry everything on your shoulders and also have prepared for an emergency, you can look as a businessman calmed into the future.

Interim management – with the medium-sized professionals you can do that.

Action plan in case of cases

As a problem solver, we at Schirm & Collegen look over the shoulders of you in a project analysis and personally put you to the test. This results in an action plan that shows how your personal entrepreneurial balance can be improved.


Should an interim management come into question, we are ready to use within 48 hours – with flexible contract design and concrete goals. We have a great deal of expertise and contact that will last for your company in the long term. We provide fast and sustainable performance without narrowing corporate policy habits. We work cost-effectively by clearly setting tasks and reducing the fixed staff costs.

Main questions:

  • What do we have to do to keep the company going?
  • How do we create an emergency solution for our situation?
  • Where do we get a management at short notice?
  • Who guarantees us that the interim manager acts in our favour?