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Customer profitability reveals which of your customer groups are profitable and which are not. Using an analysis, you can compare the cost of acquisition and revenue per customer, and thus identify where it is not worth investing time and effort. And you get more time again for profitable customers. At CASE Consulting Services we help you, as a partner and problem solver, to recognize and exploit your growth potential.


Recognize the opportunities to transform unprofitable customers into profitable customers. Perhaps older unprofitable customers may need a new pricing strategy for products and services or other, new ways of manufacturing. Let us think together about appropriate measures and implement them.

Main questions:

  • Which of our customers are no longer profitable?
  • What can we do to transform older customers into profitable customers?
  • How do we reduce our acquisition effort?
  • How can we get customers?

Customer Profitability – with the medium-sized-professionals you can do that.