Where to go with the ca­pi­tal?

Is there any absolutely secure investment?

Admitted … capital investments are a sensitive issue. Although we are not financial service providers, however we would like to show you all the possible ways for investments. In conversations with customers, the most important question is often: Where should invest my capital? Understandably, you want to know this very clearly. Is this a question with you also, that you have been dealing with for some time?

You have surely dealt since long with the major capital investments. You may have already gathered information, tips and advice, and received recommendations – but at the moment you are not much far away. We have listed possible investments and evaluated them from our point of view.

Which investments are there? Pros and cons.

Precious metals like Gold & other:  their price goes up and down – so it is rather risky.

Real estate: a good idea if you have the right tenants.

Company participation: a good strategy, but requires knowledge of the market – Air Berlin sends its regards.

The own company: Although there is a certain risk, but here you have the power of ultimate decision!

Right … the decision-making power remains with you! In the other cases, you give them off. Nobody can tell you who else is working with your capital if you invest in precious metals, real estate or other company investments. In these types of investment you have only indirect influence. Decisions made by others do not always have to be the best ones for you. There are risks that you cannot calculate yourself.

Invest money safely in your own company

The more profitable you are with your business, the more you have from investing in your own business. But how do you profitably invest your own capital in your own company?

It depends on what you want from your capital. Surely we can say: There is no solution which always suits to every business owner. Everyone has their own personal preferences. May be a high rate of interest of 10 or even 20 percent is important to you and you love the risk? Or, for example, you are completely satisfied with only 2 percent, as long as it is safe. What exactly your idea is and how it can be implemented, can be best found in a personal conversation.

Dear Entrepreneur: Invest in your own business! We are happy to advise you!