Better as a corporate sale

CASE Consulting Services know an alternative in the field of corporate succession: medium-sized businesses with a system

A corporate transfer rarely works, as per the company owner’s wishes. Until then, many conversations are usually held, many uncertain days, months or even years have been dragged into the country and a lot of questions have been asked and answered. “The desire for a successor from within our own ranks is great,” says Christof Schirm of CASE Consulting Services, who, together with RetoLedermann, Andreas Ostermai and Robert Wenner, advises and supports medium-sized companies in matters relating to company transfer and sale. One solution is the so-called ‘middle sized with system’ – an association of craftsmen.

Mostly an entrepreneur wishes a successor from the family or – if this is not possible – from his own company, “explains Christof Schirm, who is often confronted with exactly this situation when his services are in demand on this topic.” The owner wants to know his work, so to say, is being carried forwarded and sees more specifically or knows no other possibilities. “Even if an employee who has been faithfully serving for many years is willing to continue to run the company, the latter often gets to know the reality at the very first meeting with the bank “Not infrequently outstanding claims are still open to the bank and the employee – no matter how great his will may be – does not have the necessary liquidity to handle this burden.”

Also to find a suitable successor in the free market is difficult and often very disillusioning, reports Schirm further. At the end, this often leads to the point that the owner does not even want to sell his company and is prepared to give it away.

Schirm knows such cases. He also knows alternatives to corporate sales: joining medium sized with the system ‘. Through the restructuring of the company, decisions or even risks no longer burden only one person’s shoulders, but many.

“Which sounds pretty easy, however, for many owners is a rather big overcoming, because this concept also means letting go, “knows the medium sized professional.” But this gives you new freedom and you can still pursue your passion, while others, for example, take over the commercial part.

According to Christof Schirm, this network is still relatively unknown and can solve so many things. “However, the only requirement is to jump over your own shadow and allow for new solutions,” concludes the CASE Consulting Services consultant.

If you would like to get to know this possibility of company carrying on, please contact the medium sized professionals CASE Consulting Services, based in Berlin.